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Other Services

ATM/Debit Cards

Belmont Savings Bank’s Debit Card allows you to withdraw money from your checking account without ever having to write a check. Use your debit card for all your purchases because Belmont Savings Bank Debit Card is accepted at thousands of VISA merchants worldwide. Your card also functions as an ATM card.

ATM at 210 Park Street, Belmont, NC

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have a variety of sizes of safe deposit boxes to keep your valuable documents and possessions safe. The boxes are rented on an annual basis.

Direct Deposit

At Belmont Savings Bank, you can have your payroll check or Social Security check deposited directly to your accounts. No need to worry about lost or stolen checks.

Notary Services

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are available to Belmont Savings Bank customers. For details, please contact a Customer Service Representative at our office.

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