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Mortgage Loans

Our loan department can offer you a range of options, from purchasing your home, constructing your home, home equity loans and refinancing your current loan. See how much you can save by financing your home with us.

15, 20 and 30 Year Fixed Rate Loans

These loans allow the homeowner the comfort of knowing their interest rate is fixed, and will not change during the life of the loan.

30 Year Callable Loans

Fixed rate loan for the first 15 years and then is subject to being called due and payable in full anytime after the initial 15 year period. The interest rate is generally lower than the 30 year fixed rate loan. This is a good option for individuals who move often or refinance every few years.

80-10-10 Loans

This product allows the borrower to finance at a higher loan to value ratio. The 80 refers to a 80% first mortgage, the 10 refers to a 10% second mortgage, and the final 10 refers to a 10% cash down payment. This is a good alternative to the insured loan.

Insured Loans

This refers to a loan that is above the 85% loan to value ratio, and requires Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). This product allows the borrower to finance at a higher loan to value ratio, therefore reducing the cash needed to close the loan. The PMI is paid by the borrower in the escrow payment.

Construction Loans

When building your new home, we are able to combine your construction loan and permanent loan into one loan. With one loan this means one closing, lowering the closing costs to the borrower. This also allows us to lock in your interest rate prior to construction.

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